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Applying Wing Chun, Practical and Effective – EP10 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast w/ Keith Mazza

keith maaza PODCAST COVER

Episode 10 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast

Keith Mazza, a closed door disciple of Grand Master William Cheung joins us from South Jersey in the USA. He has a practical approach to Wing Chun and martial arts in general, much of his experience and training is centered around application and effective use of the arts. Keith also shares with us details about his personal relationship with William Cheung and even some stories passed to him about the legendary Yip Man.

Episode 10 Highlights:
William Cheung and Yip Man stories
Chi sao applications
5 stages of contact
The martial artist legacy

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About the author: WCD Staff
My passion is martial arts, especially Wing Chun and other style of Kung Fu. Been practicing for 10 years, and still have much to learn!

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