Getting Started For New Podcast Guests

Our goal is to give exposure to Wing Chun schools and Masters worldwide. To educate and interest new people to practice the art. And to create a community of people interested in Wing Chun to discuss, share resources, and promote events / gatherings.

Our podcast is recorded voice only, there will be no video recording. Also, the show is not a live production, any mistakes or omissions can be made after we’re finished recording, so no pressure.

We will use Zencastr to have a conversation, it’s very casual. We enjoy discussing topics relating to the Wing Chun philosophy, psychology, techniques, concepts, applications, your lineage, personal experiences, even fun stories told to you by your sifu or sigung.

If resources are made available by you, we will do a slideshow video to a accompany our podcast discussion. Photos of you, your school, your students, teachers, etc. If you have video clips of training you may submit those as well to

Just a couple things we need you to do before we are ready to go.

  • Complete the form on this page
  • Acquire headphones with a microphone

If you need assistance with any of these please feel free to reach out to us directly via e-mail ( or by social media.

Guest Information: