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A Deeper Analysis of the Wing Chun Structure – EP2 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast with Sifu John Turnbull

Episode 2 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast

Sifu John Turnbull is the Instructor at Immortal Palm Internal Martial Arts Association in Cleveland/Parma, Ohio, USA. Turnbull is a graduated student and Wing Chun master of the Leung Sheung Lineage. In this podcast, we speak with John about the things he likes to focus on with his students and his approach to transmitting the arts. His training takes emphasis on structure and balance between hard and soft.

Episode 2 Highlights:

  • Challenges of teaching Wing Chun online
  • How to gauge your level of development in Wing Chun
  • How to balance strength with structure during drills and sparring
  • Becoming supple, balancing hard with soft

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