Tracing the Origins of Wing Chun and Chinese Kung Fu – EP4 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast with Andy Masterson

Episode 4 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast

From his humble school in the small town of Westville, NJ, USA Andy Masterson has been teaching students kung fu since the 1990’s. For many years a dedicated student of local kung fu Master Ron Wilson, Andy still continues his learning today as an active disciple of Tai Chi Master WIlliam Ting. Aside from kung fu, Andy spends alot of time reading history. So much that he has compiled a beautiful timeline of Kung Fu tracing the origin of martial arts in China. In this episode we explore the history of China, Kung Fu, and ultimately Wing Chun. He even gives us some insight to the secrets behind the power of the Wing Chun style. Join us for a listen and don’t forget to comment!


Episode 4 Highlights:

  • Martial arts origins in China
  • Daoist influences on martial arts
  • Common thread of power in Chinese kung fu systems
  • Making Wing Chun more effective


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