Wing Chun an Art of Self Mastery – EP1 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast – Sifu Adam Williss

Episode 1 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast

Join us for our series opener as we talk with Sifu Adam Williss of the Dragon Institute in Orange County, California, USA. A dedicated student of Wing Chun for the last 24 years, Adam has practiced under the instruction of his Sifu William Graves of the Leung Sheung Lineage. In his training and with his students, Adam stresses the Wing Chun principles of simplicity, directness and efficiency. With an emphasis on reality, training at the Dragon Institute is pressure tested – sometimes even without gloves!

Episode 1 Highlights:

  • Getting hit while sparring and checking the ego.
  • How to communicate with your students on their level.
  • Focus, flow, centerline; the state of mind in combat.
  • Using a sound metronome to amplify your kung fu training.
  • Wing Chun Kids: How active should a kung fu training program for children be?
  • A comparison of Combat sports vs. traditional martial arts.
  • Wing Chun life skills; harmony and self mastery.


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About the author: WCD Staff
My passion is martial arts, especially Wing Chun and other style of Kung Fu. Been practicing for 10 years, and still have much to learn!

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