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Wing Chun And How To Be Effective In Ground Fighting – EP6 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast with Andrew Nerlich

Andrew Nerlich PODCAST COVER

Episode 6 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast

A black belt of both BJJ and Wing Chun, Andrew Nerlich of Red Boat Kung Fu in Sydney, Australia shares with us his perspective of Wing Chun fighting on the ground. With each art having its own obvious advantages, is Wing Chun effective in ground fighting?

Episode 6 Highlights:
Wing Chun in tournaments and combat sports
Is Wing Chun effective in ground fighting
BJJ and Wing Chun Compared
What is Wing Chun’s role in the world of martial arts

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About the author: WCD Staff
My passion is martial arts, especially Wing Chun and other style of Kung Fu. Been practicing for 10 years, and still have much to learn!

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