Wing Chun Discussion Website Rules

Please read our terms of service page carefully. reserves the right to modify the Rules at any time and without prior notice to its members.


1: General Information
2: User Accounts
3: Advertising
4: User Posted Content
5: Enforcement Of Rules


Section 1: General information​


1.1 Community Purpose

With this site we intend to connect people interested in martial arts. The purpose of this community is to enhance and develop martial arts and to help preserve them. We want to welcome all contributors, teachers, and students.

1.2 “Freedom of Speech”

While we believe very much in freedom of speech & personal expression, you DO NOT have an absolute right to say whatever you want in this community.


Anything considered in contrast to our community purpose will not be permitted.


Posts and comments intended to provoke conflicts are prohibited.


These rules include the Private Message system.

1.2.4 Administration reserves the absolute right to view, edit, modify, close or delete any content/members.

1.3 “Baiting” Contact

“Baiting” is termed as a post where you invite other members to contact, rather than post information publicly. This is prohibited and any posts with invitations to contact for more information will either be edited or deleted entirely. The user posting may be banned depending on the nature of the content.

1.4 Posting Personal Contact Information (Address/ Phone Number) is a public forum and members are not permitted to post personal contact information such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc. E-mails are the only exception and are permitted.

1.5 Posting Links & URLs

Please refrain from posting links with no description or conversation starter.


If you copy & paste content that you did not author, please credit your source.

1.6 Nudity / Pornographic & Adult Material

Pornographic / Suggestive material is not permitted anywhere in the community. Overly suggestive photographs/pictures or “Jokes” etc will most likely be considered inappropriate material and removed. This includes links to sites containing adult content in the form of overly suggestive adverts.

1.7 Threats, Racism & Sexism

Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards any group (race, religion, sexual preference, interracial couples, etc.) will not be tolerated.

1.8 Harassment / Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct, harassment, or harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and harassment include: unwelcome sexual advances (verbal, written or implied), requests for sexual favours, suggestive talk, name calling, discriminatory or derogatory remarks, and other verbal, written or implied abuse of any sexual or other nature.

1.9 Use of the name members are not permitted to make claims on behalf of the name.

1.10 Legal & Medically Related Posts DOES NOT endorse any legal or medical advice given within the community. We highly recommend that members and guests get the advice of an licensed professional whenever possible.

1.11 Drugs & Illegal Activities

Threads/replies encouraging illegal/unethical action are not permitted.
This includes but is not limited to:
– “Sharing” of copyright material or torrent links;
– Illegal trading in copyright material such as DVD and videos etc.;


Conversations related to promoting or sensationalizing of drugs and drug use are not permitted on

1.12 Jurisdiction is US owned and staffed, therefore any legal action should be settled in the jurisdiction of the United States.


Section 2: User accounts​


2.1 User Accounts

ONE account is allowed per flesh and blood person. We do track and match IP addresses to accounts.


If you are found to be using two or more accounts, one or more of them will be deleted and you may be banned from


If you have account problems, contact a Administrator or Global Moderator.

2.2 Contact Information

Please be sure update your personal email address. If you forget your password, you will need to have access to the email address in your profile to receive the lost password reset.

2.3 Impersonating Members & Accessing other’s Accounts

Impersonation of another member or creating fake accounts for the purpose of deception is not permitted.


Creating an account similar to another member with the intent to confuse others by the similar names.


Accessing or using someone else’s account, attempting to access another members account or allowing another person to access your account is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Avatars

Personal avatars should be a real photo of your face.

2.5 Banned / Blocked

If you log onto and receive a message that you have been banned, please feel free to get in touch via email to discuss the situation.


You are not permitted to re-register under a new name or e-mail even if our software allows.

2.6 Donations

A donation to is exactly that, a donation. While all donations are gratefully recived, a donation is not a payment for a service of any type, and should not be viewed as such.

2.6.1 cannot guarentee site uptime for supporting members.


Supporting Members have no extra priviliges.


Supporting members are not exempt from the rules nor terms of service of the site.


Should you be banned or decide to leave of your own accord, you will not be entitled to a refund on your donation.


Section 3: Advertising​


3.1 General advertising guidelines does not permit user advertising. Any posts related to or implied to be advertising a service or product will be removed.


If you have a business or service that you think will benefit the members of, please contact us via email

3.2 Advertising your club

If you would like to advertise your club or gym please inquire about joining the directory.

3.3 Martial Arts Seminars & Events

If you would like to advertise an upcoming event or seminar, please contact us via email


Section 4: Posting, chat, & other user posted content

4.1 Profanity

Many people are offended by vulgar language. Please restrict the use of profanity and vulgar language.


This includes attempts to disguise profanity by using *s to mask letters or by the use of acronyms and abbreviations.

4.2 Language is an English speaking forum. Please take the time to post in plain, legible English.


Asian characters such as kanji and kana must be accompanied by an English translation.


Abuse / Flaming / Derogatory Comments:
Abusive Comments, personal attacks, flaming, or derogatory insults or comments are strictly forbidden.


It is fine to disagree with another member’s point of view, but please do so in a mature and civil manner.


If someone posts to discuss their personal problems or seeks help from other forums members, please do not respond unless you have something positive or helpful to add.


If you find yourself being flamed or insulted by another member, please report the post.

4.5 Trolling/ Inciting Conflict

“Trolling” or making posts with the intention of creating problems is prohibited.


This includes registering an alternative ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums. “Troll ID’s” will be locked immediately and permanently, and the IP address will be banned.

4.6 “Junk” Posting

“Junk” posts are posts that do not add to the overall content of the website. A good example of this can be found in posts asking for information on a topic for which the responder has no answer. If the responder were to reply to this thread by saying, “Nope, I have no information”, this is a junk post. There is no reason to comment because your silence is as good as saying you do not have any information to contribute.

4.7 “Off-Topic” Posts

Off-Topic posts are subject to editing or removal at moderators’ discretion, and without notification.

4.8 Posting in the Appropriate Forum

Please post your topics in the most appropriate group.

4.9 Private Messaging (PM) Chat and the Journal System

ALL of the rules listed apply to the Private Messaging content.

4.10 Reporting Posts and Private Messages

The report post function is there to serve as an efficient way of notifying the moderators that there is a post or private message that breaks the website rules


Abuse of this function is prohibited including but not limited to, reporting posts or messages (by a member with whom you may have a disagreement) that do not actually break the Terms of Service.


Section 5: Enforcement of rules​


5.1 Deleting Posts and Closing Threads Administration has the right to close or remove any post or thread we have a strict policy of keeping the posts in this community progressive.


Posts that create an unnecessary amount of conflict and serve no further purpose may be closed at the moderator’s discretion.


Administration Dispute Resolution:
If you are having a problem on that you feel you cannot solve by any other means available to you, we invite you to contact one of the administrators via email

5.3 Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary action is at the discretion of staff and applied on a case by case basis.


All disciplinary actions may be disputed via email

5.4 Banning

In extreme or repeated cases of disregard for these Terms of Service, members may be temporarily or permanently banned from the site.


While temporary bans can be of any duration, common bans are 3, 7 and 14 days.


Due to the volume of members, we do not have time to contact banned members individually. If you feel your banning is in error, please contact us via email