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Wing Chun & Synergy With Other Southern Kung Fu Styles – EP11 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast w/ Scott Peterson

scott peterson PODCAST COVER

Episode 11 Wing Chun Discussion Podcast
Scott Peterson, joining us from Melbourne Australia representing Barry Pang’s Kung Fu School. Scott has been training with Barry since 1991 largely with a focus on Wing Chun but also exploring some of the other southern kung fu systems. He shares with us some of his personal experiences and thoughts on the strengths and synergies of the various systems he practices.

Episode 11 Highlights:
– Personal stories of training with Barry Pang
– Exploration of various southern kung fu systems; Wing Chun, Lung Ying, Liu He Ba Fa, Tai Chi Chuan
– Stability / Root training
– How to deliver and receive forces in fighting

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About the author: WCD Staff
My passion is martial arts, especially Wing Chun and other style of Kung Fu. Been practicing for 10 years, and still have much to learn!

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