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The Art of Wing Chun Defined

Those who practice Wing Chun become effective and adaptable in fighting through applying core principles in a highly disciplined and repetitive manner. Applying technique is looked at from an open-ended perspective. Wing Chun fighters do not practice responses to specific attacks, rather they train to safeguard areas of the body and can react to attacks on individual zones. This method permits a minimum amount of technique to be effective enough to cover a maximum amount of applications, thus giving the fighter an edge to illicit automatic or subconscious body responses.

A fundamental in Wing Chun is to not meet force with additional force. In general, practitioners will seek to use their challenger’s own force against them, thus allowing a weak fighter to overcome a stronger rival. A large amount of Wing Chun training is devoted to this notion with the ultimate goal to cultivate what is known as touch sensitivity or contact reflexes.

Sensitivity reflexes occur when a fighter makes contact with their opponent. When this happens, their body will automatically read the direction, force, and intent of their challenger’s body. This cultivated reflex, paired with the concept of zoning, gives the Wing Chun fighter the ability to instinctively deal with an opponent’s move.