Third Form of Wing Chun, Biu Jee 鏢指

“Thrusting Fingers”

The third and final empty hand form of modern Wing Chun, Biu Jee is broken up into short range and long-range emergency contingencies. As one of the three Empty Hand forms (Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu), Biu Jee is the shortest and said to only be used in extreme circumstances. In general sparring situations, a person will not need to use Biu Jee applications.

Long-range Biu Jee methods include low kicks and sweeps as well as recovery procedures in the incident that one has lost balance or has received a weakening blow. Close-range Biu Jee practices contain use of the elbows in the face or throat, a knee to the groin, the knuckles of a clenched fist jabbed into the solar plexus, and finger thrusts into the throat, hence the name “Thrusting Fingers.”


Some of the principles practiced in Biu Jee:

  • elevate the level of responses
  • interrupting the opponent
  • inner gate application
  • recovering from a mistake
  • contingency to exit a bad situation